Monday, November 16, 2009

Calories in holiday food revealed. Um, yippee?

   Just in time for Thanksgiving, here's a handy little Holiday Calorie Calculator you can print and carry in your purse.
   I found it on after Google'ing "holiday calories." There it was - a list of all the culinary guilty pleasures we can expect to enjoy through the end of the year.
   The method to my madness? Reality check, I suppose. I had sworn off egg nog (forever?) last year after learning it contains over 300 calories per cup!
   What I didn't know was that those mini-quiches I adore, served at parties everywhere, are 60 per, and the cranberry sauce I ladle onto my turkey? 190 calories per half cup! Half cup!!
   Will my buzz-kill strategies work? That remains to be seen. Of course, after my second cup of nog, my mini-quiche resistance might fly right out the window.
   Oh, well. A girl can still try...


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