Thursday, November 19, 2009

A cornucopia of make-ahead recipes

Here's one of the best pre-Thanksgiving stories I've seen from the NYTimes. 101 - count 'em - 101 ways to make your Turkey Day prep go a lot more smoothly.  Bookmark the page to make these delicious dishes all year 'round!


KJ said...

Great to see your new blog site, Cathy!

Flowers said...


Glad to see you are up and about on the internet. Looks like the site is no mas.

You are like "duh."

Anyway, I hope you know I am your #1 non-Boomer/NY fag fan!!!

All the best, Worst_1_yet/Cutny

BoomerGirl said...

Thanks, folks. More to come, I promise. Just doing a little regrouping. (Good for the soul, isn't it?) I've got more things to say and, who knows, it could be getting a little more opinionated around here!

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