Friday, December 11, 2009

Not so fast, stupid humans...

    When will I ever learn not to brag?  Minutes after I posted the "look how smart I was to puppy-proof my tree" entry below, said puppy found the unplugged Christmas lights cord on the floor and gave it a good yank.  The tree did one of those slo-mo, to-and-fro wobbles, my best ornaments swaying precariously on the branches.  I screamed, "Oh, no!"  My husband lunged and caught it, milliseconds before it hit the floor.  Look closely at the wall behind the tree and you'll see his quick fix.

         Can you say "House Beautiful"?!


Carol Starr Schneider said...

Darlin' girl, how many times must I remind you of the laws of "kina hora." Once you say it, once you put it out there in the universe, whether it's puppy or health-related, you are guaranteed that the reverse will happen. Nice puppy becomes bad puppy. No cold for six months becomes a swine situation. Trust me on this. I know of what I speak.

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