Saturday, December 26, 2009

NOW is the winter of my discontent

OK, enough snow already.  The driveway the men folk spent 3 hours shoveling is covered again with two inches of new fluff.  The side streets aren't sufficiently groomed to venture out in anything but my son's filthy dirty old Jeep, and said son is moving out today (a light in the darkness).  I'm going to have to get extremely inventive with what's left in my freezer if we want to eat.  Worst of all, we're out of liquor!


Karen said...

That's when you call your youngest son and say I need some supplies. Even after working hard in the snow all day he brought it out. I fixed dinner for him but he was tired. He also had to pull me out of a snow drift today on a side road. There was a reason I worked so hard to make sure I carried him through 9 months even though the doctors question if I would make it.In the end he was wonderful! thanks to my sons who shoveled me out on Christmas day.

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