Saturday, December 5, 2009

Olive this jam!

  Since I don't can (as in 'put up' jellies or salsa) and have no business baking (because that usually involves massive amounts of sugar and flour), I like to find really unique or incredibly tasty gifts to give friends and neighbors at the holidays.  These olive jams fit both criteria.
  I discovered these sweet and savory condiments on a recent trip to Paso Robles and fell in love!  The green olive jam tastes astonishingly good on crackers with goat cheese, and its black olive counterpart is stellar brushed on pork tenderloin.  Naturally, both are excellent with wine.
  Unfortunately, you can't just walk into your neighborhood gourmet store and buy some.  I found them here at where I am a proud and satisfied member of the Press Club (two shipments per year of olive oil and other under $100).  Sign up for the newsletter and get a heads-up on all their sales.
  Bon appetit and happy giving!

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