Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hey, Katie...check out the BoomerGirl Effect!

   When I picked up my husband after his colonoscopy yesterday, the recovery room nurse told me she had my two colonoscopy columns (this one and this one ) on her bulletin board at home.  She said about two weeks after my last one was published, they had an uptick in patients on the endoscopy floor and a few people mentioned the BoomerGirl as the reason they were there.  I felt great about that.
   Now, have YOU had your colon put under a microscope yet?  If you're 50 or older, do it now.  The prep really isn't that bad and the drugs are great!  Don't wait until you look like this guy....


Carol Starr Schneider said...

Good on you!!!! I had my second last month: All Clear! "Two and a Half Men" did a hilarious show about colonoscopies last night. Charlie Sheen deserved what he got.

Anonymous said...

They never told me there was demerol in the IV. That must be why I puked a lot afterwards, as I am allergic to demerol. Also had a wicked headache the next day.

Had my first and only colonscopy at age 54 last September. The prep was not as bad as I was anticipating but I did a two day fast before so there was less mess. All in all, didn't eat for four straight days as I was too sick the day of and the next day to eat. They only found one tiny benign polyp and while they said come back in five years, my plan is that I won't get another one in my lifetime.

This hacked me, though: My company is now paying full-cost of a screening colonscopy as part of a "wellness plan." So if I had known that was going to be implemented as of Jan 1, 2010, I would have waited and not had to pay $500 out of pocket. I was already 4 years past due....what's 3 or 4 months?

I'm not much into the screening stuff.

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