Monday, March 8, 2010

Contact lens: Not ready for my close-up

At my age, it's hard enough coming up with a profile pic that I can tolerate, much less post online for all to see.  That's why, when one of the kids snapped this one Friday night as a test of my new smartphone's camera, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself not cringing at the result.  OK, so the eyelids have become droopy over the years and the neck's a little turkey-like, but it wasn't totally unfortunate looking.  Except for that weird arrow-shaped reflection in my right eye (where I wear my one contact).  What the what is that?!!
After zooming in and sharpening the focus, I look like some kind of weird Scientology follower having her last meal before a stint of hard labor at Sea Org.  Take me to your leader, Tom Cruise!

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