Saturday, March 27, 2010

Take that, WBC!

  One of the downsides of living in Kansas (and, yes, there are some, endless Wizard of Oz references notwithstanding), is knowing the vile Westboro Baptist Church is a mere 32 miles from my home.  I have learned to ignore the misguided and hateful protesters whenever they come to town, but often feel like I'm copping out when I do. 
  That's why I love this enterprising young man in Illinois and his proactive yet peaceful idea.  Check it out here.

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KJ said...

A few years ago, at an aids benefit in Lawrence, KS, WBC showed up outside the hall. In response, one of the event organizers put together a way for folks to donate whatever amount of money they wanted for every minute that WBC stayed. They ended up not only raising over $300 on the spot, but inspiring the WBC people to leave shortly after they'd arrived. It was great! Kudos to the young man in the wins...!

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