Friday, April 23, 2010

Gettin' folksy

   I've always felt a little too young to truly appreciate the American folk music movement of the early 60's, although I loved Peter, Paul and Mary, some Joan Baez (her vibrato always bugged me) and, of course, the prolific if pitchy Bob Dylan.  Joni Mitchell could qualify, too, but I've always put her in another category: transcendent genius.
  Tonight, we've been invited by a friend to a Connie Dover concert.  The Boston Globe called Dover "the finest folk ballad singer America has produced since Joan Baez," which is high praise, indeed.  The problem is, every song I've found of hers, combined with the steady rain outside, makes me very, very sleepy...and it's not the kind of venue where you can nod off and nobody will notice.
  Looks like an afternoon latte might be in order.
Enjoy the music and the scenery in this one, too!

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