Sunday, April 18, 2010

The kitchen: Before

At a loyal reader's suggestion, I am documenting the "old" kitchen in all its 80's glory....even though I know the "after" shots won't come for months.  Above you see the wall (with the window) that's getting bumped out.  A huge window will replace it.  No cabinets, just glass and little corner shelves flanking the window.  (I just got goosebumps....)
We are taking out this whole wall - the range, upper and lower cabinets are coming out to make room for a cooktop island that will run the other direction.
This is the view of that wall from the other direction.  (I'm standing in the family room, shooting over the breakfast bar.) On the other side is my husbands's desk or what we not-so-lovingly call the crap catcher.  It's outta here.  As is the closet to the right of the desk, where our furnace and water heater currently are...and the soffit above.  Where you see the copper pot rack in the distance is where the double ovens will go.  I'll miss that pot rack, but oh well...
In this shot, the crap catcher is to the left in the foreground. Still not sure what we're going to do with the breakfast bar.  Thinking it might become a dry bar, possibly a wet bar, or a built-in bench so we can slide a table up to it.  By the time we get this sucker done, Lucy the dog will have graduated to a big girl bed, so no doggie kennel.
The fridge will stay where it is.  Can't afford to replace it with a stainless model just yet and, besides, it's relatively new (I just REALLY don't like double-sided refrigerators.)


Carol Starr Schneider said...

How fun! Big makeover! Can't wait to drop by virtually for coffee when you're done.

Anonymous said...

Agree on disliking side-by-side refrigerators. My mom gave me one as a you can turn that down? Lived with it for 20 years and hated every second of it. Now we have a freezer on the bottom refrigerator and love love love.

BoomerGirl said...

Anon, I'm so jealous. I thought I'd like my side-by-side (first one) and do love the handy ice/water dispenser. But the storage is terrible! And forget about large party platters!! There. Enough venting. I'm stuck with it for a while.