Sunday, May 2, 2010

Goin' bug-eeee!

I've already gotten one email about my column on ants this week, which is much appreciated as I'm getting ready to clean out the upper cabinets (my kingdom for a pair of knee pads!)  The sympathizing reader suggested spraying them with 409.  She claims it "works wonders every time."  To which, I have to ask, "Every time?"  I'm kinda looking for a 'one and done' solution, really.


Flowers said...

Yikes. Better than roaches though, maybe???

BoomerGirl said...

MUCH better than roaches and, as of this morning, the ants seem to have hit the road. My husband says he destroyed their nest outside while working on the kitchen expand. Karma still intact!!

Colleen said...

Grant's Ant Stakes work every time. Set them outside the kitchen where they enter the house as well as a stake can be laid down inside where the ants congregate.

BoomerGirl said...

Colleen, this is new to me, thanks. I'll try it as the ants have made a return engagement.

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