Saturday, May 29, 2010

That's one thing I don't have to do this weekend

   So, Sex and the City 2 is bad. REALLY bad according to, well, just about everybody.  (This gal, however, found a few things to love.) I'm not surprised. The trailer looks tacky, slapstick and poorly lit.  Even the eye candy - shoes, clothes, bags, fabulous locations - that have sucked ogling SATC fans in, in the past, seem ridiculously, offensively ostentatious at this moment in history, even for a fantasy chick flick. Interviews with the cast this week have seemed forced, at best, with the actors feigning enthusiasm while barely veiling their fear. 
  Color me relieved. That's one less thing I feel obligated to do this weekend.  But, no worries, SJP and friends. I trust my Manolo-loving sisters will more than make up for my absence from the box office.  And, yes, I'll probably watch it when it hits On Demand...but only for the sex scenes.

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