Thursday, May 13, 2010

True confession: I've joined Curves

     My own considerable curves notwithstanding, I never thought of myself as a Curves kind of gal.  To be honest, after my 8-month stint with a personal trainer (which ended in injury), I never thought I could get a real workout there. But, when the local franchise advertised a grand opening sale that waived most of the sign-up fee, I stopped in for a look.
    There were women of all shapes and sizes (college coeds to grandmas), exercising on a circuit to disco-fied 70's cover songs.  Every 30 seconds, a pleasant - if somewhat robotic voice - commanded them to "change stations now." Some were actually sweating, so I decided to give the machines a try.
     Curves, I take it all back. Your hydraulic resistance machines provide a helluva workout.  It all depends on how fast you pump them.  My glutes are actually sore this morning after 30 minutes, or 3 trips around the circuit last night.  AND, I didn't tweak my ankle again...bonus!
    So, yeah, I signed up.  I may be hearing "change stations now" in my sleep, but that's a chance I'll have to take.  Here's to curves with smaller radii!


Nan said...

I was a Curves gal for a couple of years, but I really only liked the in-between walking stations, I am simply not a weight machine person, any kind of weights. Decided to use our family Y membership and got hooked on yoga and pilates classes. But Curves is a great concept and you get to talk to people while you sweat!

BoomerGirl said...

Nan, ironically, I love the weights and that's what I was not doing after I quit the trainer. Problem is, I'm not a "chatty gal" when I work out. I just don't work hard enough when I'm flapping my gums. I hope the other Curves gals don't think I'm rude, but that's the way it is. Thanks for the comment!

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