Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The wall is up!

   Progress is, well, progressing on the kitchen remodel and there is the wall, an extension of 5 1/2 feet!  Get a load of that humongo window I'm going to have!
   On the downside, my husband and I were talking about the chaos to come last night and I said, "I'm not worried.  I've been through this before." (We've redone 3 "handyman specials" in our marriage...while living in them.) He replied, ominously, "Nothing like this, though.  It's going to be nasty. And you're older now."  Ouch!  Then, he added. "You might want to move in with your mother for a while."
   Well, except for the 45 minute commute to work, that would be fine.  Especially kitchen-wise. I covet her breakfast area and pantry.  I'm just not sure what she's going to think of the whole idea....

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