Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm a Gallery Girl!

   My dream of being a cover girl was quashed years ago when I realized that, no matter how hard I hoped, the big brown spots (formerly known as 'freckles') on my face were probably not going to fade away.  Thank God there was Heidi Klum to pick up the slack. 
   This morning, however, I am delighted to announce that I am a Gallery Girl on  A companion site to the book of the same name, GGLG is a great place to go if you're considering transitioning to your now-gray, natural hair color.  Jammed with stories and photos of women who have 'been there, survived that,' GGLG will inspire you to go for it and kick the hair color habit forever. 
  Thanks, GGLG!  You made me feel like a natural woman.


Anonymous said...

Just had to tell you how much I love your hair! The cut and color are just gorgeous. And I'm so glad to have found your blog thru the "Going Gray" website, because I am really enjoying browsing and reading your posts. Great hair and great blog-- thanks!

BoomerGirl said...

Thank you, A. I am lucky to have inherited good hair and have only started appreciating my good fortune in the last few years.
More importantly, welcome to the blog and thanks for the kind words!

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