Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A pair of au pairs

I don't know anyone who is looking at child care options, but if I did I'd tell them about the au pair program via the State Department.  It's a great deal for parents and au pairs.  See my video report here.

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Linette Murphy said...

Thank you for such a great video of the Au Pair program. I am a host mom and have really enjoyed so many aspects of the program. I would also highly recommend it to anyone with children!

Au Pairs cost on average $340/week per family, not per child. You can set the hours of the Au Pair and the household rules that she must abide by. They can also develop a long lasting, loving relationship with your children. They can teach them languages and other cultural differences.

The Au Pair visa is also regulated by the US State Department and has some specific rules that both the Au Pair and the family must abide by such as length of contract, vacation days, hours per week, etc.

You still get many of the benefits of a nanny like childcare in the home, less illness, outings, and communication when hosting an Au Pair.

Our family has hosted four Au Pairs and have gone through the Cultural Care Au Pair agency. They do an excellent job of pre-screening their applicants. They do a background check on references, a medical review, and an Engligh exam of each applicant prior to accepting them into the program. As a result, they accept only about 30% of applicants. Then your family matches with an Au Pair and you can then interview them yourself until you find the right match for your family.

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