Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chip off the old block

   My 28-year-old son popped in unexpectedly last evening, just as I was test-driving my Polish stoneware against a sample piece of quartz countertop and the glass backsplash tile.  He picked up a mug and put it down on the countertop as if finishing a cup of coffee.  "Listen to how loud it is, Mom," he said. "It's like that restaurant you always say is too loud because the tables are made with this stuff and the acoustics are so bouncy. You'll hate this."
   I'll be damned, but he was right. I never even considered the sound of a surface but my new samples of Corian aren't half as noisy as quartz or granite.  Doesn't seem like a huge deal but it could be a factor, when we're emptying the dishwasher, for instance.  I guess it's back to the drawing board.  But, I am liking the "Rosemary" color in Corian seen above.

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Christine said...

Hi Cathy – I have to agree, the Corian® in Rosemary is beautiful, and I’m sure it will look great in your kitchen. Many homeowners like Corian® for its 'soft' feel. Rosemary was just featured on an episode of DIY Network’s BATHtastic! Check out the photos on our Facebook page luck!
Christine from DuPont

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