Saturday, July 17, 2010

Eat Pray Shop?

    Count me among the small but vocal minority who are annoyed by the success of "Eat Pray Love" (or EPL, as Oprah-phites say).  I mean, what problem couldn't by fixed by a trip around the world, unabashed pasta eating and taking all the time you need for inner reflection without worrying about paying next month's bills?
  Bitter, party of one? You bet, I am.
  But, the big O seemed to dig it, a movie's coming out starring Julia Roberts, and author Elizabeth Gilbert has become yet another self-indulgent guru of the New Age spirituality movement. And what would New Age spirituality be without its own shopping network show?!
   I'll be boycotting the movie.  (But, I might have to order that handsome tray for the new kitchen.)

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