Friday, July 30, 2010

Hello Neti, my old friend....

   Shameless sympathy ploy: I have a sinus infection. I'm so swollen, my glasses are leaving large red divots on my nose. I managed to wrangle a prescription of antibiotics from my doc - without going in to see her (miracle!) - but they have yet to kick in.  I'm feeling so punk, I passed on our traditional TGIF dinner at my favorite restaurant forcing my husband to take my daughter as his date. Looks like I'll have to dig my Neti pot out of storage for some serious sinus protection, especially with all the kitchen dust in the air and ragweed season just around the corner.
   On an up note, this CNN report says taking calcium supplements can increase heart attack risk. Why is that an upper?  Because I can never remember to take my calcium, that's why.

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