Sunday, August 15, 2010

Adios, heat wave!

My pictures from the "Salsarita" party last night all came out hazy.  Why?  Because it was a freakin' sauna in that suburban backyard!
It would have been bearable (for a couple of hours, at least) if I didn't have to judge the homemade salsa contest that included 6 entries in the "hot" category.
The party was fun, festive and incredibly well run.  The judges had printed forms to fill out, ranking each salsa, blindly, from 1 to 10.
I liked the 'alternative' or fruity salsas the best because they didn't cause me to internally combust ....unlike the spicy ones (photographed below after the sampling gave me the vapors and I lost the ability to focus my camera.)  Fortunately, the margarita contest provided several nice antidotes. No recipes yet but stay tuned. I hope to get my friend, Adrienne's grapefruit margarita recipe.  To. die. for.
Thank God the heat wave broke overnight, which is the theme of this Sunday's column.  No more excuses for this BoomerGirl.

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