Monday, August 2, 2010

Mad Men: Do we really need a little Christmas?

In case you come to this blog for a Mad Men postmortem (and there are plenty of better places for that, including the NYT, the WSJ and EW), here are my thoughts and the inevitable questions:
  1)  Glenn:  Ew, ew and ewwww.  I am not ready for Sally to hook up (and I use the term loosely) with this little creepazoid who once begged for a lock of her mother's hair. Stop it, MM writers. Just... no.
  2)  Welcome back, Freddy. Next time, take Don and Roger with you to  that 12-step meeting.
  3)  The "carefree girl in white pants" slogan reference (for "feminine hygiene products") made me laugh and cringe simultaneously. I actually remember the days when wearing white pants would be out of the question.  'Don't miss 'em, though.
  4) I hate you, Lee Garner, Jr.  My fantasy was to have Sal walk into that holiday party and out the sonofabitch to everyone. Now that would have been a Christmas present!
  5) Betty had so little face time in that episode, it's like she was an extra or something.
  6) Harry has completely lost his mojo.
  7) What the hell is Peggy thinking? That adolescent boyfriend of hers is a waste of her time, although I thought the virginity ruse/dilemma was an interesting spin.
  8) And Don. Don, Don, Don, Don, Don. For a minute there, I thought I saw guilt in your eyes after giving Allison, your secretary, her cash bonus for Christmas (2 crisp 50 dollar bills) the morning after you took advantage of "her kindness" on your couch. Some have speculated she was typing her letter of resignation as the show closed, but she appears in next week's preview. Don was asking her out for New Year's Eve.
 9) I was afraid the whole "Christmas in New York" storyline would put me in the holiday mood 5 months too early.  But, it didn't.  Frankly, it wasn't all that festive.
 10) It's official.  Everyone in my household has a crush on Joan. Even my husband admitted it last night.
  And, so it goes in the mad, mad world of Mad Men.


Carol Starr Schneider said...

Talk about a downer for Christmas. They all need rehab, especially Don. I hate Peggy's new boyfriend. Almost as creepy as Glenn. But I loved his lanyard. Talk about romantic!

BoomerGirl said...

I feel sorry for Don, too. (Not Hamm, tho'. He's sitting pretty.) Trouble is, I think sympathy CAN be sexy, in a way. Like you're repelled by his drunken loser state, but you still feel for the guy. It's complicated, doncha know?

BoomerGirl said...

That first comment was in response to your comment after my other post, CSS, but agreed on Peggy's beau. And what was all that 'that's what they do in Sweden' stuff?

Carol Starr Schneider said...

I hope things perk up for Don... doncha know! I want more scenes with Betty.

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