Monday, August 30, 2010

Mad Men & Emmy: A perplexing post-game

   I don't know what I find more bewildering - January Jones' odd cone bra Versace number and bed head hair at the Emmy's last night, or Mad Men's "Waldorf Stories."
  So many questions, not the least of which is why, at his ego's highest point in months, did Don go on a "Lost Weekend" bender, to the point of introducing himself as Dick to Doris the waitress? And did you catch the kiss Don laid on Joan when he won the Clio (after the classic under-the-table hand-holding sandwich scene with Roger?) Was a Don-Joanie hook-up being foreshadowed there? Please, Matt Weiner, say it ain't so!
   And did Don intentionally get Roger drunk, on that first meeting, so he'd hire him? Or, did inebriated Roger really tell Don to report to work, at all? Was the episode suggesting Draper's career started, and may very well end, in a blackout?
   On the other hand, cheers to MM and my favorite comedy, Modern Family, for kicking butt at the Emmy Awards.  'Loved that the show began with an award for Piper, Kansas boy Eric Stonestreet, who won best supporting actor for MoFam. It almost made up for January's inexplicable fashion faux pas.
   P.S.: Oh!  And is there a woman alive who wouldn't love to get the best of an obnoxious male co-worker in a naked stare down and make fun of his shortcomings? "I just changed one tiny little thing." You go, Peggy, you 1965 woman!

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Carol Starr Schneider said...

I had trouble buying that Peggy scene, but enjoyed the way she put that jerk in his "tiny" place. Then again, this is the gal who got preggers by Pete. I loved Don's "lost weekend." He has no one to share his joy with; he's sinking deeper into the abysss. I'm expecting a full psychotic break by the end of the season, where he only answers to Dick.

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