Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rock 'n' roll, Hoochie Koo!

    I love to dance and I'd like to think I still "rock," but I'm not what you'd call a big rocker.  I have my favorite bands but, except for the Beatles, I'm probably not able to tell you who played guitar, bass or drums in many of them.  I tend to remember lead singers - Jagger, Daltrey, Tyler, Nicks and McVie - but, honestly, I can't think of any more, at the moment.
   That said, I live with a huge music fan (rock, jazz, bluegrass, you name it) and understand the motivation behind this new site - RockandRollTribe.com.  There, boomer rock fans (whose partners may or may not share their extreme enthusiasm) can connect with others "who still rock" around the world and, if all goes according to plan, get together in "real life" through local chapters.
  One of the Tribe's founders, Jon Bard, a fellow Mad Men fan, contacted me yesterday to give me the heads-up. It's a great idea that I'm happy to pass along to all of my "kick-ass grownup" readers.

1 comment:

JB said...

Thanks Cathy. And for the record, my lovely spouse does indeed rock! :) She's on the far right of the picture you posted. I'm in the middle.

We invite all your readers to stop by and sign up for a free membership!

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