Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Because someone's got to set the example

Thank God Bristol Palin is making it clear she won't be wearing any of those revealing, un-Christian costumes during her stint on "Dancing with the Stars." Otherwise, she might set a bad example for all those teenage girls out there who look to her as a cautionary tale role model. Snarky? Sure. But, I say bring on the vamp, Bristol baby!  The more carnival-like you make your family appear, the less likely the Tea Party will be in electing your mama come 2012.


Carol Starr Schneider said...

Bristol is already acting like a diva on the show, a whiny you-know-what. Too bad they didn't ask Levi J. to join her.

BoomerGirl said...

I saw where Mama is already making a play for Iowa, so we can only hope the whiny you-know-what will cause another scandal!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Cathy! I track your blog daily but Cringe whenever liberal snide comments are made about people and situations. Guess I'll get over it and continue to enjoy many other wonderful ideas you project and ignore the lib attitude!

Suzanne KS said...

Yeah, I knew we shared a brain....

BoomerGirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BoomerGirl said...

Hi, Anon. Here's my thinking: I see no reason to repress my liberal or - you're right, in this case - snarky comments on my personal blog... unlike in the newspaper, as my leanings are left of center (albeit more centrist than you might think). I really haven't felt the need to get political except when it comes to a candidate who, in my opinion, is the most ill-equipped, yet popular and dangerous contender for national office in my lifetime. That said, I'm a big proponent of internet interaction and always welcome the dialogue. Thanx!

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