Monday, September 27, 2010

Mad Men: "Hands and Knees"

A few, quick questions about last night's episode:
1)  Did Joan or didn't Joan have the abortion?  Remember, she's had two, already, and was concerned about her ability to have children. If she does keep it, let's hope she doesn't expect Roger to step up to the plate: "Maybe I'm in love with you?"  How reassuring.
2) Was telling Faye his secret the right thing for Don to do?  Can she (and her suggested mob connections) make his problem go away? Or, will the end of NAA take care of that, anyway? (Fantastic acting on Jon Hamm's part last night, by the way.)
3) Will Lane return from England a family man or legally free to pursue his "chocolate bunny," Toni? And talk about Daddy Dearest bringing Lane to his knees. That man puts my grade school nuns to shame!
4) What was with that look Don gave his new secretary at the end after she brought him the Beatles tickets? For a moment, I thought he might ask her to the concert and stand poor Sally up.  Could it be Don's relationship Faye has suddenly gotten too complicated, as in major power shift?
5) Why must there be only 4 shows left in the season?  'Such a cruel, cruel world.


Carol Starr Schneider said...

1. I kinda think Joanie didn't have the abortion.
2. Telling Faye was dumb. We've seen she's got quite a temper. He'll probably regret it, or marry her out of gratitude. Either way: big mistake.
3. I'm thinking ba-bye Lane. Daddy meant business. Ouch!
4. The look Don gave his new secretary may have been one of compassion, not lust. A few weeks ago, he would've fired her, but now he's seeing things differently.
5. Four shows left? Noooooo.......

BoomerGirl said...

1) I kinda think you're right. The doc will never make it home from Vietnam and she'll be a single, working mom. But, will Roger step up?
2) Faye's trouble, alright. Never considered marriage, tho'.... interesting.
3) I'll miss Lane, if that's the case. That wallop with the cane shocked me!
4) So twue.

Carol Starr Schneider said...

4) Or the look might've been sleazy, as in "ready to move on." It's very Don for him to pull away from Faye now that he's safe. And yet...

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