Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh, Don. Oh, Peggy.

    Thank you, thank you to the genius who invented DVRs! It took me less than an hour to unpack, throw my dirties in the wash and watch last night's episode of Mad Men, arguably the best yet. 
    From the moment I realized the episode would revolve around Peggy and Don, I hoped and prayed the two wouldn't hook up. They did, of course, but not in the manner I feared. This was much so better than getting physical. And it left the door ("Open or closed?") wide open to a whole new dynamic between them. Thank God, it's a short week ahead.
    What a welcome home present: The writing, the acting (Jon Hamm, especially), Don's squeeze of Peggy's hand at the end (I literally, audibly swooned), the juicy tidbit on old Blankenship...and the beat goes on for Roger in the one-liner department: “You know what gets you over something like that? Drinking."

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Carol Starr Schneider said...

So glad you had a great time with Rexy in Omaha. It looks so charming. And I agree, Sunday's "Mad Men" was one of, if not, the all-time best eppies every. I couldn've done without hearing Don Draper vomit and seeing the remains on his white shirt. But it was magnificent in every way, and thank God Don and Peggy didn't hook up. Now that would've been wrong!!!!

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