Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday in Omaha, thinking about Saturday night

Before I forget, here's my column for this week.
Now, onto the travelogue at hand...
 We dined last night at Spencer's Steaks and Chops where Nate, our waiter - who is exactly my son's age, almost to the day - regaled us with interesting facts about Omaha and sundry tidbits he's picked up from NPR, like the origin of the word "dessert".  Don't ask me to regurgitate that one as I had been drinking this..
a bottle of delicious Pinot Noir which my husband selected and wouldn't tell me the price of.
We sampled this complimentary garden tomato salad in a Parmesan cheese shell served with a Balsamic and something-else reduction (too much wine, I don't remember).  The tomatoes came from the gardens of the restaurant manager and the sous chef's father-in-law in Iowa, which I found extremely charming. It was delicious.
Yeah, we needed these like a hole in the head, but loaded hash browns are Spencer's signature side dish so what could I do?  Pretend as if they didn't exist? The steak looked something like this, close-up...
but the carnivore I'm married to devoured it before I could find the camera again.

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