Monday, October 11, 2010

Make-up tips from the pros

I learned a lot working on this story for today's paper in which local make-up experts, like the Mary Kay consultant above, demonstrate their favorite tricks of the trade. So, you'd think that I'd have no excuse not to look like an "After" photo, every day from now on. Yeah. You'd think.


Trudy G. said...

Great article. Good makeup tips, but I just had to comment on how great Pam's hair looks. (yes I'm obsessed with spotting grayt grays during my transition to go natural)

BoomerGirl said...

Trudy, I asked Pam if her hair was naturally gray and she laughed out loud. "Are you kidding?" she said. "I'd love that! But, no, I have to dye it to get this color." Kind of an unexpected switcheroo.