Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tiles and wall paint and knobs, oh my!

My contractor/long-suffering spouse says the cabinets are ready to be painted, so I'm off to purchase said paint today. Meanwhile, the glass back splash tiles (found online at a place in Brooklyn) were delivered intact. (Whew.)  Here's how the tile looks with the soapstone sample, butcher block and my white linen shirt, representing the cabinet color:
This morning, we slapped some paint on the trim and wall to confirm that I still like the combo after lo' these many months...
...and ordered a slew of clear glass knobs with kind of an old world feel, like the ones in our master suite. We needed so many, I wanted a style that would kind of disappear, but still be elegant and priced within our budget:
Will we make our Thanksgiving deadline? Doubtful. But, a New Year's Eve part is definitely in the offing.

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