Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Foreboding words from Gary Trudeau

    According to Poynter Online: "Doonesbury" creator Gary Trudeau says, "I don't think 'Doonesbury' will be a legacy strip."  Some comic strips have gone on through four or five artists, "and actually the second and third artists sometimes improve the strip, but I think mine will go with me." He goes on to say: "I have a feeling that newspapers are going to perhaps make their exit before I would make that decision about myself [retiring the strip]."

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Kelly Barth said...

Hi Cathy. Kelly Barth here. Sigh indeed. I'm assuming, since I haven't seen your columns, that you were canned from the Journal World. Another unpleasant development. I miss your columns and your writing ability. And I feel guilty for writing a column they can pay me next to nothing for. I'd rather read yours.

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