Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'd like to track his package

Who among us doesn't enjoy a beaming boy in brown - large package in hand (sorry) - knocking on our front door, especially at holiday time? But, those shipping charges can add up fast. That's why it pays to check out FreeShipping. org for up-to-the-minute free shipping codes for most of your favorite online retailers.  I'm holding out for the ultimate deal on the perfect bar stools....with free shipping.  I want it all, baby!


Marguerite said...

Ohh my,my,my! That's a good one. Kinda like the Diet Coke guy. I miss him. Glad your counters are finally home. Kitchen renos are sooo time consuming. Nice to be able to break it in with a major holiday!

BoomerGirl said...

Well, I may have spoken too soon - and, fortunately, Thanksgiving is at Mom's this year -but if I've got a sink, oven, cooktop and counters by Thursday, I'll be beyond thankful.

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