Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Take 'Trip Advisor' with a grain of margarita salt

   If I were planning a winter vacation, this would be our destination: Sayulita, Mexico, my favorite fishing village-slash-funky surf town, just north of Puerto Vallarta - home of the best fish tacos I've ever wrapped my lips around.
(Seriously, I would go back just for the tacos, and the muffin lady who goes door-to-door on the beach every morning selling warm pastries, not to mention the tamale lady who stops by your beach chair at lunchtime.)
   Before deciding on which casa to rent for the week, I would check Trip Advisor, as I am wont to do before all travel. This story in USA Today warns readers not to believe everything they read on the popular "real people" review site.  Point taken.
   Meanwhile, I'll be spending the winter searching for employment in the warmth provided by the heated tile floors of my new kitchen.  Maybe I'll have to learn how to make those famous Baja Fish Tacos for myself.

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