Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A 70's sensation: Stroganoff!

This year, for our annual New Year's Eve dinner party with friends, we'll be kicking it old school with Beef Stroganoff, the one-and-only dish my husband-to-be knew how to make in college (although he also baked a mean loaf of wheat bread).  I'm going with a recipe from the classic 1975 cookbook, "Company's Coming," from the Kansas City Junior League, that adds cognac to the mix. Served with a green salad with champagne vinaigrette and green beans almondine, it will be a tasty blast from our boomer past, and the perfect "last meal" before the New Year's diet.


KJ said...

Sounds delish! Happy New Year, Cathy!

Cathy Hamilton said...

Thanks, KJ. And the same to you. I've got a good feeling about 2011.

Kate said...

I remember making this as a young new bride. Yummy!