Sunday, December 12, 2010

Caroling in the kitchen

It doesn't look like much, but the round thing in the ceiling - and the other one, barely visible in the lower left corner of this shot - are our speakers, just installed in the kitchen. This was the feature I was least excited about (kind of a guy thing), but I have to say that sitting at the breakfast bar, sipping coffee and listening to
in stereo, on the turntable, is beyond lovely.

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Red Hamster said...

Stumbled on this post tonight. When we built our house 11 years ago, my husband "Meester" insisted on putting ceiling speakers like yours in almost all the rooms. Best idea he ever had. It is lovely to hear music from above, especially at Christmas time.

Only problem - Meester plays exactly the same music as your album pictures. He runs the Sirius satellite radio channel "Siriusly Sinatra" All.The.Time. Ok, but my tastes run a little different.