Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pendant lights, my glass!

My husband has known glass artist, Dierk Van Keppel, for decades and had his heart set on buying five of his hand-blown pendant lights for the kitchen.  (The above photo is the spectacular 5-story installation Dierk created for my my husband's company.) I was afraid the cost would be prohibitive, especially now that we're watching every cent even closer.  As luck would have it, Dierk is having a big sale to coincide with Kansas City's First Friday gallery walk tomorrow and we got a sneak preview plus a "friends and family" discount this morning.    
I won't reveal which pendants we chose (and they weren't all the same) until we hang them but, at rock-bottom prices, it was the score of the kitchen project, if not the century!  
If you live in the KC area, check out his gallery, Lightworks, tomorrow evening.  Dierk says everything must go and everyone is 'friend' or 'family'. You just might score, too!

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