Sunday, December 19, 2010

Score one for the old lady!

Once in a blue moon, when planets align just the right way, your adult daughter will admit that - yeah, OK - her mother might have at least one hip bone in her body. And, so it was a few weeks ago, when channel-surfing one night, I happened upon "Sun Studio Sessions" on PBS, featuring an incredible young musician named Grace Potter working it out with her band, The Nocturnals, in the famous Memphis recording studio.  It took me one minute to realize I HAD to record it for my daughter. Miracle of miracles, she hadn't heard of Grace Potter (who channels Grace Slick in this video) and it was love at first listen.


Carol Starr Schneider said...

She's great! Wonderful fine. Will share with my hipster sons. Thankie! Nice discovery.

BoomerGirl said...

Her blues-y stuff is actually much better. Very talented gal!

Red Hamster said...

Brings back memories. I loved Grace Slick and "White Rabbit".

I'll have to check out Grace Potter now. I don't know if our local public station carries "Sun Studio Sessions"; I've never heard of it. Thank goodness for Google and YouTube if I need to explore a subject. :)