Friday, January 14, 2011

Falling on ice. Never a good look.

I don't know if anyone saw me slip and fall on the ice this morning, but it had to have been a high-larious  moment of slapstick. My aching knee cap? Not so funny. Time to add some "sensible shoes" to my wardrobe:
Yaktrax.  At $19.99, they're much cheaper than a visit to the E.R.  And they look kind of cool, too!


Marguerite said...

Well, well, so sorry to hear you fell on the ice. Hope you are ok. I remember thinking as I fell on the driveway if anyone saw me and my graceful moves. Take care. We are off to Italy tomorrow.

Cathy Hamilton said...

I thought of you shortly after I hit the pavement. I was lucky - nothing broken, nothing sprained. Not to say I won't feel anything tomorrow!

Have a fabulous trip!

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