Saturday, January 1, 2011

I feel just like a grown-up!

 It took 55 years, but I finally have a honest-to-goodness bar for entertaining.  The hubs/carpenter fashioned the piece from walnut salvaged from an old tree in our front yard and scrap copper sheeting, and installed it just in time for our annual NY's Eve dinner party.  While we haven't yet put in the hammered copper sink or Mexican tile back splash, it accomplished exactly what I wanted:
It kept my guests on the other side of the kitchen, out of my precious cooking space, unlike the old shoulder-to-shoulder days.
All in all, the evening was a success, my throbbing headache and mysterious blister on the tip of my tongue (huh?) notwithstanding. The girls even performed a little Martha and the Vandellas. This is the only photo I will reveal since, in the rest of them, I have my mouth open like some kind of codfish.
Even Lucy the party dog got into the act. 
Happy 2011, everyone.  I'm going back to bed.


Carol Starr Schneider said...

That party looks out of control. What time did the cops show up?

Cathy Hamilton said...

There was a point when I actually thought they might, based on the volume level of the stereo. I'm going to use that pic of Lucy for our first TwoDogs post: "Oh, yeah! I want to look just like an idiot, too!"

Marguerite said...

Looks like good times. The bar is fab. Your hub is a talented guy. Is he self taught? I had my own New Years Eve excitement. Early in the day. I tripped on the driveway and banged up my knees, sprained my wrists and got a black eye. Dang, we are leaving for Italy in 11 days! Marg

Cathy Hamilton said...

Marg, I jut left you a note on FB. Sorry to read about your fall! Ouch. You're going to need some big, strapping Italians to carry your luggage. Yes, he is self-taught and very talented. Walnut bar stools are next and then, hopefully, he'll be done.

Red Hamster said...

Your hubs made a bar from a tree in your yard and decorated with scrap copper?! I'm impressed with his talents and eco-consciousness.

Re your comment to Marguerite: Did you mean you will be done with your hubs after he makes the bar stools? I'll take him. There are a couple dead trees in the woods behind our house and I would like a new deck. :-) My hubs does not have carpentry skills.

Cathy Hamilton said...

(Love your "About Me," by the way.) I meant hopefully he'll be done with "The Project" and able to rest for a few months. Yes, it was a huge walnut tree that got some disease, so he had it milled on location, sold some of it off, and saved the rest for years. We actually considered peeing on the copper (expedites the aging process) but decided we really aren't that "earthy." Thanks for leaving your comment.

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