Thursday, January 13, 2011


It seems counter-intuitive, but my go-to breakfast on these frigid mornings is an icy cold smoothie made from frozen mixed berries, Greek low-fat yogurt, a sprinkle of Stevia and - my secret ingredients - lemon-infused olive oil and blueberry Balsamic vinegar from The Tasteful Olive.  I've been playing around with different oil and vinegar combos for salad dressings (my favorite being walnut oil with cinnamon pear vinegar), but I never thought to put them in a smoothie until this week. Eureka! Exponential flavor!!


Colleen Z. said...

Cathy, will you share your smoothie recipe? I am curious about your use of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Cathy Hamilton said...

Be glad to, Colleen. I never measure my ingredients, but I'll make a point tomorrow morning so I can tell you how much of everything to use. Check back Monday night. Thanks for dropping by BoomerGirl.

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