Monday, January 24, 2011

R.I.P., Jack LaLanne

Before Jane Fonda. Before Richard Simmons, Jackie Warner and those "Biggest Loser" trainers, there was Jack LaLanne. Who among my fellow boomers doesn't remember that belted jumpsuit, that taut face and bright smile, and wavy head of hair? I found this vintage shot of Jack, who died yesterday from pneumonia at 96, in front of a list, presumably, of "bad for you" foods.
Clearly, Jack was hip to the dangers of sugar and high fructose corn syrup. I hereby dedicate this new week of eating sugar-free and exercising daily to the "godfather of fitness." Let's hope he finds a good gym in the great beyond. (Wow. What if heaven turns out to be one big health club? Wouldn't that be a fine how do you do?)


Cathy Hamilton said...

My friend, the Short Jewish Gal, just posted a classic Jack video. I just completed the face exercises and almost fainted. Be careful but enjoy:

Colleen Z. said...

Well, no wonder I have weight to lose. The top 10 list is made up of all my favorite food items!

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