Thursday, January 6, 2011

Touch and be touched

I'm touch-y, not to be confused with touchy or touched (although some close to me might vehemently disagree.)  I'm just one of those touch-y/feel-y gals.  I tend to paw people I like when I talk to them.  And I pet the people I love a LOT.  I'm a hugger, a hand-holder, a tummy-rubbing, put-my-feet-on-your-lap cozy-upper.  What can I say? I like bodily contact. This makes some people uncomfortable, I'm sure.  That's why I wish they'd read this piece about the health benefits of touching.  Did I mention I'm getting a massage tomorrow!?  It was a Christmas present from the family. You suppose that means they're sick of all my touching?

1 comment:

Carol Starr Schneider said...

Oh, BG, I'm exactly the same way. I'm all about the touchy-feely. Enjoy the massage, my dear. You've earned it, tenfold.

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