Sunday, February 13, 2011

An amusing ode to unconditional love

Let's face it, guys aren't the only ones who procrastinate gift-buying on Valentine's Day. (I might be the world's worst offender.) If you're looking for a last-minute home run (and I don't mean that kind of score unless, of course, that's your goal) look for the new book: I love you even though... by Rebecca M Schuler and Christine W. Regan. Dubbed "A gift of love from her to him," the book contains jewels like:
  *  I love you even though you can recite entire scenes from "The Godfather" ('To the mattresses'... 'Leave the gun, take the cannolis') but you always forget at least three items on the grocery list, and
  * You don't understand the fundamental difference between having three glasses of wine with dinner and three beers at the bar.

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