Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cabin Fever: Act One, Scene 4

(In which the players, having survived the storm, take way too many photos of the aftermath.)
A bridge separates the upper pond from the lower pond in this photo shot through the living room window, before the photographer located her L.L. Bean indoor-outdoor slippers.
 Our deck, where we can only imagine ourselves sipping margaritas by the pond, someday. Someday.
 Our street, not yet plowed because we are, apparently, Priority 2. Or 32.
Freedom is on the other side of the mudroom door.  So close, and yet so very far away.

1 comment:

Red Hamster said...

I've taken too many pictures like this. I've done too many posts with pictures like this. I'm a snow-hater stuck in the Midwest. :(

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