Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-Day, fellow nostalgics.

Whatever happened to handmade doily valentines? I miss them. They were a staple of my childhood. I especially miss that tasty paste we used to stick the construction paper on. Not that I ate it intentionally, mind you. Only nerdy losers did that. But, if a little paste happened to get on my fingers...  mmm-mm.
And how about the little classroom valentines of old, like this one? "I'll cop you yet"? Seriously, little 2nd grader?
"Let me press you to me"? I'd have to think good and hard about which little boy was getting that sentiment from me!
This one was more my speed. Seemingly innocent, yet subtly suggestive. And dig that crazy space luggage!
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. And may the chocolate heart you receive NOT be anatomically correct! (Sometimes, I really do miss the old days.)


KJ said...

My Mom still makes her Valentines every year...I've saved almost all that she's sent & cherish each one! Happy Valentine's Day!

Cathy Hamilton said...

KJ, that is so sweet. Love it!

Marguerite said...

That chocolate heart, ugh! Would be hard to enjoy eating, lol. Happy V Day to you and Hubs. We are gonna exchange "the card" we have used over and over for 11 years and I'll get flowers. Dinner at home with Bill O'Reilley and Fox news, I'm sure. Gotta love it!

Carol Starr Schneider said...

Love and miss doilies so much. So sweet. Break another little piece of my chocolate heart now baby... Happy Heart Day, BG!!!1

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