Monday, February 7, 2011

My Top Three (not that Madison Ave. cares)

I was eight degrees of distracted during the big game last night but, upon further review, here are my picks for best commercials of the night:
#3: Black Beetle (VW) and not just because the Beetle was my first car in 1973. Loved the animation.
See it here.
#2: The Force (VW Passat) because it was freaking adorable and that could be my own cape-wearing son 25 years ago:

#1: Imported from Detroit. Not something I'd normally go for, but it worked on every level. Home run.

The USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter shows America prefers a little canine in their commercials. Guess it's hard to put Eminem up against a Pug.


Marguerite said...

BG, the VW Force ad was our fav, too! That was a delightful, brilliant ad. Kudos to VW. We liked the Chrysler ad, as it was edgy and the music was cool. The Coke and Teleflora with Faith Hill advising the young man on writing "what's in your heart" and he writes You have an amazing rack! Hilarious. Happy Monday.

Cathy Hamilton said...

Oh, yeah! I forgot the "rack" one. That got big belly laughs here. Thanks for the reminder. Happy Monday to you, too!

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