Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vernazza or bust!

My reentry into the workaday world temporarily halted my travel planning. As a result, I lost out on a great apartment rental in Vernazza - in Italy's Cinque Terre - where we intend to spend 3 or 4 days. Back to the drawing board. I'm tempted to throw caution to the wind, arrive without a reservation and see what we can get. In my youth, I'd have no problem winging it like that. Why should it scare me now?

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Sandy N said...

My husband and I spent several days in the Cinque Terre a few years back and had a wonderful time. We didn't have reservations for accommodations and were lucky to find a room for a couple of nights in Manarola. I recommend you plan ahead. We were exhausted after walking up and down the steep streets, dragging our rolling suitcases behind us, searching for a place to stay. I'm glad we went anyhow.

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