Sunday, March 6, 2011

Italian itinerary: Done!

What a relief it is to finally have found lodging for the Cinque Terre leg of our trip. Today, I secured a room in Vernazza, the last place we're to flop before heading back to Nice, then home.  It's Eva's Room #2, a simple affair, but with a king-size bed (a must)....
and prime location, directly above the Blue Marlin bar which serves breakfast and, of course, late night cocktails:
This is the view from the window.
Said window.
The view straight down. I'm assuming those are Blue Marlin's umbrellas, lower left.
It will be a stark contrast from the elegance of Oceania's Marina...
Did I mention the grand staircase was fashioned after the Titanic?
or the sleek Hotel Rex in Rome...
 but variety is the oregano of life, is it not?

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Marguerite said...

Well done, BG! Are you sure you don't need me to go with? We could send Boomer Boy home, lol. We will be in Amsterdam for DH's work from April 19 thru 22nd, then on to Paris for Easter weekend and back to Amsterdam to fly home on the 27th. Exciting stuff!