Saturday, April 30, 2011

First the Pope, now Rick Steves!

My husband was standing at our window last evening, watching the street action below and said “That guy sure looks at lot like Rick Steves.”  “Yeah, right,” I said from the bed while reading. “It IS Rick Steves,” he said, moments later.
Four hours later, he walked into the restaurant where we were enjoying incredible seafood spaghetti. Wow! He was so tall! We introduced ourselves and he asked us about our accommodations, the food and service in the restaurant, making notes for his 2012 “Snapshots of the Cinque Terre.”  I asked him if he was traveling with his family and he said that, no, he was divorced. (Open mouth, insert foot, BoomerGirl.) After a brief discussion, photo and autograph session with the other Americans in the joint, he was on his way up the main street.  We heard that he stayed the night and ate breakfast with our friend Massimo, one of two brothers who owns a restaurant (Two Pirates) up the street.
    Hopefully, I'll post more tomorrow, but you never know in the Cinque Terre.  Ciao!


Desima said...

I can't wait until I return to my beloved CT in September. Drink it all in, and enjoy each breath.

Annie said...

It sounds wonderful and joyous. Seeing all the people, eating all the great food and drinking all the delicious wine. Enjoy!

Susan Chaney said...

I really can't believe you met Rick Steves.

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