Monday, April 25, 2011

Holiday in Sorrento

The last port of call on the cruise: Sorrento, a happenin’ spot due, in large part, to it being Easter Monday, a national holiday. Tourists, families and throngs of teenagers out in force.
 Tender boats took us to shore then we boarded shuttles up, up, up to the town center.
The crowds were a little much, at first, so we took refuge in Bar Ercolano where I had a local limoncello (the liqueur was born here) and the hubs had an Italian beer.  Excellent people watching!
They grow lemons everywhere. This particular variety is bigger than your fist.
While waiting for the shuttle back to port, we leaned over a bridge and spied an ancient overgrown castle in the gulch.
Way cool!
Tomorrow, we’re off to Rome by train, along with our fellow 1293 passengers. Wish us luck. But first, it’s a farewell cocktail party with the Food and Wine group (more on the fabulous winemaker’s dinner last night later) and dinner at Toscana. Ciao!

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