Friday, April 22, 2011

Port of call: Portofino

After a fantastic night’s sleep in the world’s most comfortable bed, rocking gently back and forth as the Marina sailed through the night, we arrived in Portofino.
The wisteria was in full bloom as we strolled around town,,,,
and watched locals building a bonfire for tomorrow night’s Easter celebration in the square.

This is the place where the rich and famous come to vacation and shop….

I thought maybe Oprah was here for a minute….
Then, it was back to the ship to assume the traditional holiday position on the private deck of the Canyon Ranch Spa . (And, yes, I am, in fact, the palest person aboard the Marina. There’s no contest, really.)  Ciao, ciao!


Marguerite said...

Oh, it looks wonderful. How's the wardrobe working out so far. I'm on the train to Paris right now, so Happy Easter BG.


Happy Easter. You keep having the time of your life. And keep sharing tidbits with us if you can, pretty please. ENJOY!

KJ said...

Love it! Great pics!

Carol Starr Schneider said...

I've always said you're a seafaring gal, have I not? If I haven't, I meant to. Keep cruzin' with the updates. It's almost like I'm there with you. Almost.

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